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Humber Bank Path Update

The Parish Council would like to make residents aware that the HBPS knew of the potential of Permissive Path Agreements, and that these could have been implemented very quickly to restore access to the Bank for the Village, unfortunately, the Parish Council was forced to cease open dialogue with them pending the outcome of an investigation triggered by the HBPS.

The Parish Council, especially our Chair Roy has worked hard to engage with Bentley’s the EA and Tom Nelthorpe to put in place a package and infrastructure for access to the bank, ahead of presenting it to the Village. We are very disappointed that all this hard work will now have to be put on hold as a result of the DMMO orders.
Please see the letter below from Scawby & South Ferriby Estate Company.

Dear Councillors,

First of all, I would like to thank you for engaging with the estate’s proposal for permissive agreements for access to the Humber Bank. I truly believed that the agreements were the best way to balance the needs of the community, wildlife, agriculture, flood defences and homeowners.

I regret that the issue of access to the bank did not have the prominence it deserved in the Environment Agency’s planning for its work, though I am very happy that residents and businesses of South Ferriby now have the protection against flood risks that they need. Thank you for showing a willingness to help fix the issues created by the recently-completed works.

So it is with sadness that I note the submission of an application for a definitive map modification order for the permissive path running along the Humber Bank from the East drain to just past South Ferriby Hall. The application from the Humber Bank Preservation Society for a public right of way would now be considered by a North Lincolnshire Council officer from outside the village community and may take a long time. We could have had an agreement within days.

I am dismayed that the application has gone in before residents have had a chance to assess the proposal, and when we were so close to finalising a workable agreement. I am very grateful for the feedback that we received from yourselves, the EA and the HBPS about the route of the permissive path and its management. I think it would have made the management of the bank much more effective.

While I do not know for sure if the application will be accepted, and while I sincerely want to allow for access to the bank, I plan on contesting it for two reasons:

1) The route requested by the HBPS is physically impossible now that the new flood defence bank is in place. Asking for all of the former permissive path to be restored is not realistic.
2) The estate does not believe that a public right of way is the best way to manage all of the competing pressures on the bank.

The estate’s tenants, who have contributed so much to the community for the last several decades, understand this decision, though it is the estate’s alone. My understanding is that our neighbours have taken the same position. One of them has been served with an application without being given a chance to engage with the process at all. It has taken a long time to get all landowners and tenants behind a permissive option and route, and the next steps will be complicated.

However, until we have a decision on the application and the route we cannot go forward with the completion of the permissive agreements and reopening of the proposed route. This will be a bitter disappointment to yourselves and residents, and is absolutely not what the estate wanted. We wanted to reopen the path and for residents and walkers from around the region to responsibly enjoy the wonderful Humber Estuary. We are truly sorry that we are not able to make that happen.

I am currently taking advice as to whether it might be possible to restart the permissive process for some of the bank before the end of the resolution of the DMMO issue – as I think I have said in the past I am not very confident. But I remain convinced that sensible engagement with the village, its residents and its representatives is the best way to deal with the issues of access to the Humber Bank.

I very much hope to stay in touch, and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our position.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Nelthorpe
Scawby & South Ferriby Estate Company

South Ferriby Sluice Update

South Ferriby Sluice is a sluice at the mouth of the River Ancholme, maintained by the Environment Agency, to manage flood risk in the Ancholme valley and boat navigation.

The Current Situation
In the first week of February, heavy rainfall and unusually low temperatures meant that Environment Agency assets, including South Ferriby Sluice, were operating under extreme conditions. The sluice tidal door closest to the Hope and Anchor was dislodged off its seating and the top collar snapped-off.
The door was removed for inspection and temporary tidal damboards were installed on 12 February 2021 to prevent excess tidal water flowing up the River Ancholme. On inspection, the top collar holding the door in place was found to have sheared under extreme pressure, possibly due to a tree branch forcing the door off its pivot and shearing the collar at the top.

Pointing Door Repair
The report from the inspection of the sluice on 17th February 2021 is expected to allow decision on the repair options. It might involve anchoring the collar into the sluice blockwork.
Management of Water Levels
We have managed water levels in the River Ancholme by deploying pumps near the sluice, using the West Drain pointing doors to discharge the River Ancholme and by placing damboards to prevent tidal water flowing up the River Ancholme. In addition, there is a crane on stand-by should the damboards need to be removed to reduce high water levels in the River Ancholme.

Weather Forecast
The weather forecast for the week ahead is relatively dry. We monitor the weather forecast daily and take actions accordingly. Since identifying the problems with the sluice, we have communicated with North Lincolnshire Council, Ancholme Internal Drainage Board, The Humber Local Resilience Forum, Anglian Water and South Ferriby Parish Council. We will issue weekly updates on the South Ferriby Parish Council website.
Strong Stream Advice
A Navigation Advisory Notice has been issued with regard to changing water levels. This has been and will continue to be reviewed daily, until the repair is effective. If the flow range changes significantly, a further Strong Stream Advice will be issued.

Flood Warning Service
Please sign-up to get flood warnings in England by phone, email or text message. Please call FLOODLINE on Telephone: 0345 9881188 (24hr service). You will need to provide:
– The address you are registering
– A phone number you can be contacted on day or night
– An email address

South Ferriby Best Kept Village Sucess

South Ferriby has been Highly Commended in the Medium Village group of this year’s Best Kept Village competition, with Ruth Hilton and Virginia Scatcherd being awarded an Environment Award in recognition of all the hard work they do in the Village.

South Ferriby COVID-19 Community Help

The Parish Council are doing everything we can to support residents in South Ferriby at this difficult time.
Our Parish Clerk has offered to co-ordinate a group of residents in South Ferriby who are coming together to help the community during a time where some people are having trouble accessing what they need.
If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, we can help you with the following:
  • Picking up shopping and urgent supplies
  • Posting mail
  • Collecting prescriptions and medication
  • Or just a friendly phone call if you’re feeling isolated.
Please contact Holly Hanson on 07393 21 30 30.
If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help on any matter, we will do our best to support you.
We need volunteers for this scheme – please contact us as soon as possible if you are able to give some of your time.

For information advice and guidance, please click on the links below:

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GOV.UK – Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

North Lincolnshire Council – Coronavirus advice and guidance

Citizens Advice – Coronavirus

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